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10 January 2010 @ 08:33 pm
July 18, 2010 is pretty soon....  
*sob* oh noes, I'm studying for finals and that means only one thing: LOTS OF YOUTUBE. I was getting way back into old-school 2PM the other day (and by old school I mean...circa Again & Again lol) gosh Nichkhun is so adorbs!!! and today it is Taemin. oh man. ohmanohmanohman.

I will always be completely obsessed with Taemin, I'm afraid. I love the way his body moves when he dances...I mean, Key is a fantastic dancer, but his body is not the hypnotizing slinky that Taemin's is~ Taemin's every movement (tugging his shirt, smoothing his hair...), every facial expression (gritting his teeth, furrowing his brows ♥), when he performs...my crack, basically. I re-watched the videos in this post, and I still love em even though he's like 14 in those

right after he debuted, I commented on how much I loved his face - it's just so pretty, so symmetric...well now it's maturing and gah his bone structure is more beautiful than ever. uggghhh I just love the parts in these fancams below where he's kneeling/sitting still, his expressions and little grimaces are to die for and the hollows of his cheeks are beautiful :P were they there in 2008? lol

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This has gotten me thinking though, why do I go pedo for Taemin and not for, say...Justin Bieber? lol. What is it about some young children such as Taemin or, err, Nick Jonas where I feel attracted even though I know they are young [and it's not even like they look older, cos they look 16...o.o] and then I see Justin Bieber and I think BABY (or, as Onew would say, BABY! BABY!]

Yoo Seungho also. Damn him. He's about a month younger than Taemin and the first time I saw pictures of him he was maybe 13/14...I about fell out of my chair when I learned his age lol. It doesn't help that he's always paired up with pretty noonas (LYH, T-Ara, KSE, even UEE)...that plays tricks on my poor little brain.
[random tidbit but my roommate's older brother, half-Korean, looks kinda like a cross b/w YSH and Dennis Oh. and he goes to Princeton too...nbd]

Back to Taemin~ in related news, my latest crushboy is also a dancer, albeit Chinese Taiwanese. He's not as good or as cute as Taemin, I am afraid. He is, however, legal.
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kiddiox3kiddiox3 on January 11th, 2010 12:31 am (UTC)
lmao, I love how he dances :3
even though his dance solo is replay was kinda wtf
I thought his dancing was great.

i'm so happy that he's only a year older than me 8D
Elizabethjaesu17 on January 11th, 2010 01:12 am (UTC)
ahh damn you younguns lol (I kid, I kid)~ he's over 2 years younger than me D: