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05 February 2010 @ 11:00 pm
MBC wrapup...better late than never!  
MBC was pretty boring overall (and where was mblaq? D:),  but I liked these three~
[idk if you've noticed, most of my fave 2009 Gayo Dajeun perfs involve SNSD. basically I have found that SNSD can do no wrong if they're being hot and acting their age (e.g. not being Lolitas)]

2PM/SNSD special stage~ I LOVED this performance :) SNSD doing 10 minutes, then dancing disco with 2PM...nuff said. crazy in love was also fantastic
2PM doing Sexyback SHOULD have been epic, but...they were kinda bringing unsexy back, the way they looked :(
overall, both groups looked super cute in their room scenes (oh 2PM with normal hair, clothes, and no makeup...*_*), and Taek/Yoona were way cuter than I expected they would be if we can forget Taek's hair/makeup on stage (I wonder if this was planned with their upcoming FO appearance in mind...) but OMFG YURI/KHUN NEW SHIP they so cute!!!! Ahh jay if you were here, there would have been Jaysica for sure D:

BUTTTT...I'm not sure why 2PSD doesn't have quite the same chemistry and "it" that Wonder Bang does. I like 2PM more than BB, and SNSD marginally more than WG. I think 2PM is also better looking than BB, on the whole, and SNSD better looking than WG (again, only marginally lol - and mostly because of number than individual members being prettier than others). But my point is, I should like 2PSD more than Wonder Bang but for some reason that "X" factor is not there...anyone else agree?

SDB/AS When I Grow Up: omfg, I forgot how hot SDB is. SHE NEEDS TO COME BACK LIKE NOW. forget hyori, I want SDB back! she and gahee are crazy. yay bekha getting some spotlight, and oddly enough I wish UEE got more in this, cos girl IS a hot dancer. instead, there was a rather awkwardly long shot of Nana, looking bone thin...Jooyeon and Jungah are also less curvy than the others. also was Raina even in this? lol

Also, I'm kinda puzzled - the English during the chorus was pretty perfect, and I don't think it's the original PCD track...is that all Bekha? or, at least, primarily Bekha?

White v. Black: uh, I think Black owned by a billion

WOWWWWW. Like a Virgin was SO bad. well, not horrible per se, just SO meh compared to Womanizer. *fangirl* Yuri was insane!!!!!! Dare I say the blasphemous, that she outshone even Gahee? Gahee's outfit was partly to blame though, way too busy. and I barely noticed Hyuna, normally such an attention whore a diva...

Other performances I find worth commenting on at all...

Nichkhun(+some girl) Way Back Into Love: the girl had good English, and Khun was adorbs

Kara/SHINee Juliette: yay taemin/hara aww. and onew/seungyeon. NAYNAYNAY minho/jiyoung. I do not like jiyoung!!! bah.
I like the couplings cept I'd prefer Minho with Nicole or Hara. and since I wouldn't like Taemin with anyone but Hara...I say just switch Minho and Key pairings. Key can't handle Nicole - that is too much diva in one couple lol

Jewelry: I have such a damn girlcrush on Jungah it's not even funny. she is such perfection, from looks to voice to her swayguh
but why didn't Jewelry perform anything from this year? lol. Love Story is honestly one of my fave songs of 2009 (speaking of which...should probly do my 2009 song post before it's 2011...), and vari2ty was pretty underrated imo - pretty catchy
Alas, what's really embarrassing is the misspelling of jewelry behind them. jewerly forever, indeed

BEAST/4Min special stage: I have come to like both groups a lot more, and I love them together! definitely one of the cuter inter-"family" groupings IMO

LSG/BJY My Ear's Candy: it was good and I love LSG, but if we're gonna put a smooth vocalist in Taek's place, I gotta say that Alex was kind of epic...

2PM/JYP "battle": umm worst battle ever, and JYP in A&A - DNW!!!!

SNSD Santa Baby/Genie: Santa Baby was actually half-decent, they all had lines and they all sounded fine! but kinda LOL at the, err, interlude. WTF at the stripping, and I was totally looking forward to the lulfest of them performing in wings. sigh. underwhelmed! (also, I was shocked by the focus on Yoona. simply shocked. did NOT see that coming!) did their ultimate outfit remind anyone else of this? :P myspace hit counter
goodtimes822: Eunhyuk<3goodtimes822 on February 6th, 2010 06:46 pm (UTC)
2PSD was cute. I dunno about the X Factor because I didn't really respond to the Wonder Bang shindig either. :/

When you referred to the Black vs. White, I thought it related to the screen cap of Shinee and 2 PM. LOL.
I love how Yuri's outfit wasn't too attention-getting, and she still worked it like no other. She has quite a figure. I'm jealous. haha.

I was surprised with Santa Baby too. ROFL.
Elizabethjaesu17 on February 7th, 2010 05:34 am (UTC)
ugh yeah, Yuri is one of my girlcrushes *_* she's so hot, and she's such a fantastic dancer - she has fantastic stage presence and her moves are just so graceful. plus her waist/ass/backside is pretty jealousy-inducing :P
lilykt7lilykt7 on February 7th, 2010 04:32 am (UTC)
idgi either. I LOVED wonder bang. That got me into big bang in the first place. lol i think the x factor is the music. Big bang and the wonder girls had crazy big hits and they worked their songs on stage. 2pm and snsd only get cheesy skits and short dance breaks.

Elizabethjaesu17 on February 7th, 2010 05:35 am (UTC)
ahhhhh yoozageniussss!!! you're right, that's totally it! (or at least a big part of 'it')