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06 February 2010 @ 10:00 pm
don't stop, make it pop...what I listened to in 2009 (and 2008 :P)  
again, I figured better late than never!! haha

I'd say that 2009 - with the absence of BB, WG, and DBSK in Korea - wasn't the greatest year for awesome stuff. I had trouble identifying songs that I loved loved loved...here are my top "20" (not really in order except for like #1, and I grouped all songs from artist that I liked that year)

2009 Top Songs:
1) Love Like This (SS501)
2) Wedding Dress (Taeyang)
3) Eternal Summer (Lee Minki)**
4) Sorry Sorry/Super Girl/Norago (Super Junior)
5) Abracadabra (BEG)
6) Don't Forget, My Ear's Candy (BJY)
7) Love Story (Jewelry)
8) Survivor, Bolero, Wasurenaide, Stand by You, etc. (DBSK)
9) I Hope (FTI)
10) Love Rain (KTW)
11) Chingoo, Lollipop (BB)
12) Gee, Tell me your wish, Way to Go (SNSD)
13) Again & Again, I hate you, Tired of Waiting (2PM)
14) Countdown, Jojo...maybe RDD counts too? (SHINee)
15) 8282 (Davichi)
16) TTL (T-ara)
17) Insomnia (Wheesung)
18) IDC, Let's go Party, Please Don't Go, We Belong Together, Kiss (2NE1)
19) Bad Girl, Oasis (BEAST)
20) Oh Yeah, GOOD Luv (songs not so great, but...love MBLAQ haha)

2009 Top Albums/Mini-Albums (as in, overall very listenable and good, OR have more than 2 fantastic songs):
1. Sorry Sorry/Norago (Suju) - Sorry Sorry and Norago were fantastic, other songs were mostly solid - I especially liked Monster
2. Mucho Punk (Clazziquai) - perfect studying/chillaxing music; not Clazz's best album but their only 2009 one, so...
3. BOF, Iris OST's - both of these had really good pop and ballads
4. Bolero, the Secret Code (DBSK) - Bolero had most of the 09 songs I liked, but the new material on Secret Code was also pretty good
5. Heartbreaker (GD) - it pains me to list this one, but although there is not a single standout on this album, and overall it makes me angry how much he plagiarized, a good majority of the songs are catchy and listenable (Hello, A Boy, Breathe, Leaders, Butterfly...even Heartbreaker)
6. 2NE1 First Mini-Album - liked all the songs!
7. Beast is the B2ST (BEAST) - I liked all the songs, I think
8. Dynamite (A'ST1) - like Battle, A'ST1 makes mostly all music that I like, but terrible management has failed them :(
9. This is the One (Utada) - I liked most of the songs
10. Quiet Storm, Untouchable (Untouchable) - a lot of good rap/vocal-combo songs that I like :)

and to make up for not doing this in 2008, my top "5" from that year~
1. Replay (SHINee)
2. Doushite, LITI (DBSK)
3. Haru Haru, Glowing Sunset (BB)
4. Step by Step (Battle)
5. Wonderful Day (Alex)

Top Albums:
1. Stand Up, Remember, HOT (BB) - all three of these were fantastic, especially the HOT mini-album. plus there was "Stylish," which I liked a lot
2. T, Mirotic (DBSK) - both of these albums were awesome awesome...I was torn between giving this or BB first but BB wins by number lol
3. My Vintage Romance (Alex) - I LOVE THIS ALBUM TO DEATH
And then, in no particular order: Me (SJM), SHINee World (SHINee), I Will (Zhang Liyin), Sixology (JJ Lin), Two-Sided Fahrenheit (Fahrenheit), Pieces, Part One/Lovescream (Epik High), Step by Step (Battle)

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