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Summer roundup :)

long time no write, guys! sorry I've been MIA, or maybe no one has missed me. lol. either way, I've had a very exciting summer, though I can't say the same about Kpop lol.

So I actually spent 6 weeks in Seoul this summer, as part of a program at my university. Basically, we take a class - our own professors, our own curriculum, our own students - just bring it abroad :) So we stayed at Ewha Women's University graduate student dorms - they were the bomb diggity, let me tell you. beautiful campus, lovely dorm rooms, and fantastic location - Edae and Sinchon are both chock full of great restaurants, noraebang places, bars, and shopping ♥ very close by subway to Dongdaemun and Myeongdong, which as far as I'm concerned are the most important places in Korea LOL. also close to Itaewon, Cheonggyecheon, and Samcheongdong

I absolutely adore Korea and really hope I have a chance to return in the future. I'd say that overall there is only one thing that sets it significantly apart from China - besides language and general culture. And that would be the omnipresence of cosmetics shops. lol. everything else that I love about Korea is vaguely comparable to China - it's usually cheaper in China, actually (the food, the clothing shopping...), but seeing Etude, Nature Republic, Holika, Face Shop, etc. absolutely everywhere...oh man, it's the shiz. I love it. and I miss it :( cheap, good quality, adorable packaging, face stuff that is appropriately yellow toned, and stores with testers and salespeople? sign me up please!

I went with my class to see the World Cup game - Korea's last one, the one they lost to Uruguay - at City Hall and omfg it was craaaaaazy. literally, just a sea of red. it rained but we didn't care. SO MUCH FUN. so crowded and so insane. its too bad we didn't win, but it honestly would have been mass chaos if we did, I would have feared for my life!

As for my Kpop experience...so good! I loved going around and hearing songs I recognized - Bonamana, Turn it Up, etc. got pretty heavy playtime near the beginning of my stay. Magic by Secret, Push Push, CN Blue, stuff like that. I bought a good deal of Kpop paraphernalia lol, including a discounted Jaejoong calendar (it was for 09-10), a 12-pack poster of Hyunjoong (the cover photo was so beautiful I just had to get it), and like ten CD's lol.

ALSO I got to attend a recording of M!Countdown!!!! omg so exciting!!! Collapse )
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WG/2PM in New York!!

sorry I haven't been posting much here, these days I mostly just comment on my Tumblr. but Tumblr won't suffice for my fan account of my experience at the WG/2PM concert!!!!

I went with a guy friend who is obsessed with WG, we both got standing room and damn was it sweaty and crowdy. sooo much pushing and shoving and getting way too intimate with strangers :P but damn was it worth it! we were super close to the stage, and though I was too short to get more than heads and occasional glimpses of bodies, it was definitely better than the seats farther back. this is actually one of their venues that didn't sell out - the standing area was packed, but the seats were pretty empty

so the opener was some random girl...Tiffany something? She was so horrible and absolutely NO ONE wanted to listen to her. I felt kind of bad because the audience was so mean to her, but...seriously, she was so horrible. she sang FOUR effing songs! too many! lol. at one point, she's like, "Anyone have Twitter? Y'all should follow me at __" and there was an audible "Noooo" lol. And after she sang 3 songs, we all thought she was done, then she was like, "Ok, I have one last song" and you could DEFINITELY hear the audience groan hahah. everyone just wanted her to GTFO

2PM was up next. the crowd was SO pumped. I honestly think the audience was way more excited for them than for wonder girls lol, idk if it was just because they were first up (and we were so sick of that tiffany girl), but I know that at least *I* was more excited about 2pm lol. and holy mother of Jaejoong, they did not disappoint. they were beautiful and they were great live performers...from the dancing to the singing to the crowd interaction. I really liked Taek's, "When I say 2P you say M. 2P-M! 2P-M!" I just love when the performers get the audience to say something specific, I love yelling in big groups as much as the next person, but I can never just do unspecific wooooo screaming, I have to yell SOMETHING. so that was fun, as was when JYP was asking who would be up first, and got the crowd to keep yelling "2PM!!!!" haha. it was so fun. 10 Points was also a big crowd pleaser because the audience kept yelling "SHIP JEOM!" or "SHIP JEOM MANJEOME SHIP JEOM!!" when it came out haha

so yeah, they started out with Without U, and then they did Heartbeat, Again & Again, and I Hate You (I forget the order for those 3), and finally they closed with 10 Points. They were amazing. They wore simple all black outfits and no visible guyliner, so they looked HOT. Gosh, I wish they would stick to that concept forever and ever and ever. I really love Without U now...much improved sans oil drip. I have also warmed up to Heartbeat lol. (on a side note - I really hoped Taek would rip off her shirt at the end of Heartbeat but alas he did not. he seemed to realize the audience's anticipation, because he impishly grinned at the audience as he concluded Heartbeat, as if to say, "I know you guys want me to, but...sorry." lol)

People kept raising their cameras so I couldn't see much at first, being short and all...the first five minutes I could only catch glimpses of Chansung's head and I was kinda PO'ed cos he's my least favorite out of the 5 that showed (Junsu was injured), but as I started to see Khun, then Taek, then Wooyoung...the sun came out and angels sang and all was good in the world. my friend kept talking about how young Khun looked. whatever. he and Taek are HOT HOT HOT HOTTTT. I want to have both of their babies so bad. and wooyoung of course is effing adorable. at the end, when they were exiting the stage, he went the wrong way and they came back to get him ahhaha it was the cutest thing in the world

it was also super cute whenever they started speaking in English. it was of course mostly Taek and Khun, especially at first, but eventually Woo, Junho, and Chansung all got several sentences. Junho did his trademark, "I'm so excited" haha. gosh I love em so much. I had always liked them in their dressed down (i.e. no eyeliner), clean (i.e. no long, gross, greasy hair) concepts, and when they're playful and funny as opposed to angsty and serious. so even though I'd been falling out of love with them, after their epicness tonight, I am SO BACK ON THE 2PM BANDWAGON. SOOOOO BACK ON. ewaffles invited me to stalk them with her too late :( :( I totally woulda done it! haha

now for the...Wonduh gulls!!

they had a SICK entrance. they lowered this huge screen for about 10 minutes as they shuffled around getting ready, we kept seeing vague shadows flashing across. and then the music went off and the lights dimmed and we knew it was about to go down. they each had brief dance solos behind the screen, casting huge shadows - the silhouette thing was so hot. they started off with I think 2 Korean songs, neither of which I remember hearing before

their solos were all really good. I didn't like Lim that much before (though I didn't hate her, like so many so-called Wonderfuls) because I didn't have reason to, but she was really cute, charming, and likable. to introduce their solos, she came out and said, "What do you think of __?" each member and gave what their image was, what she personally thought of them, etc., then was like, "But what do you know about me? Whatchu know bout me?" and did her solo, Lipgloss. Then Yoobin did Boom Boom Pow...man, JYP really sticks to a few songs and does them over and over, eh? Unfortunately, though Yoobin's super hot, her performance was NOWHERE near as epic as the Sisters Boom Boom Pow. YeEun did Mercy and dear god is she a wonderful live singer. She is a true diva, and she definitely has the hottest body out of all the WG, curviest anyway. I prayed and prayed and prayed that Sohee wouldn't do Single Ladies again, but...she did. She sounds like the chipmunk version :( Sunye did Paparazzi and she was really good. it was really funny when the music started, my friend was like, "HO SHIT. GAGAAA" lol.

one thing is I do wish they would give Lim some dance solos, because even though her vocals kind of suck, she is a kickass dancer. at the very end, when they were about to leave, they reintroduced themselves and Lim was last, I was really afraid she was going to get a really weak response but the audience was quite loud, I think because it was more cheering for WG in general. Yoobin seems most popular in America, the crowd went absolutely wild whenever her rap parts came up

our lineup was slightly different from the ATL lineup...they did Rainstone Remix Nobody at first and regular Nobody for encore, though in ATL it looks like they didn't do Rainstone and did 2DT for encore (they did 2DT in the middle for us). I am also very happy to say that 2PM definitely looked hotter for our performance - mainly, I can appreciate Nichkhun going for a black wifebeater rather than a tshirt...hello arms ;-) I'm pretty sure, in fact, that unlike in ATL Chansung was the only one not in a sleeveless shirt :D

I didn't bring a camera but my friend did, so I'll post some of his pictures later :D he told me he got lots of 2PM pics and though he was kind of upset he didn't get as many WG pics, I am NOT complaining :P myspace hit counter
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If only...

all hot boys could be tall and hard-bodied. alas, usually only two of the three is true lol.

which of these boys do you most wish could be just a little taller?




he's soooo fine...he has such a pretty voice, smooth moves, and sexy swag, but he's a lil munchkin lol, "170" cm...really, boy is like 5'6" lol


cute, hilarious, and a triple threat (dancer/singer/rapper), but only "174" cm (publicly listed), which is like 5'8"...not horrible, but 5'10" would be nice :)


the shortest dbsk member is "178" cm, if only he was just a smidge taller...and I guess he could work on the hardbodied part too, but he's just SO fucking adorable and arguably the best male kpop singer, plus a smexy dancer, so that isn't really necessary (or particularly fitting to his look)
[in other news, wahhh I miss DBSK so bad!!!!]

Song Seung Heon

Ripped body, ridiculously blessed face...I gotta echo Ellie on this one and wonder how it feels to look into the mirror every morning and see a Korean Greek god (was that an oxymoron?)...the only thing is that if he was like 6' that would truly be like a Greek god >.< at "179," in East of Eden he was always the shortest out of the (young) male leads lol (shorter than Dennis Oh, Park Hae Jin, this dude, etc.) myspace hit counter

EDIT: ahh totes forgot my fave - kikwang! he suits his height well, but if he was taller he certainly would be hotter :)
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hey all

why haven't I posted lately? I'm just so done with Kpop. I'm just not interested anymore. I went from obsessed to disinterested so fast...

I haven't been keeping up with news or anything cos I just don't give a damn anymore. let's run through some of my fave artists...
* DBSK: I don't think I need to elaborate. SADNESS
* Big Bang: it's been way too long since they have done group Korean releases. COME BACK PLEASE YOU ARE KPOP'S LAST HOPE!!! D: but not too fruity...Lollipop pt2 had a god-awful concept!
* 2PM: everything after Again & Again has been pure garbage. Heartbeat was so horrible, and I only watched their comeback MV for don't stop or without you or whatever it's called - that's all I had to do to know our love affair was over. angsty emotion and drama is NOT what made 2PM appealing. it was their fratty silliness and American-ness that made them so endearing and charming. screaming and dripping black oil or pretending to be zombies and murderers - NO. NO. NO. NO. NOOOO
* SHINee: well...it's been downhill since Replay. lol. sad but true. still rooting for these boys, though!
* MBLAQ: have they come back since Oh Yeah/Good luv? kind of interested to see what happens...
* BEAST: the one bright spot! I loved Mystery, I liked Shock moderatey, I loved Say No. good stuff
* SNSD: well, Run Devil Run was pretty weaksauce even though they looked good. and Oh! was cute but also pretty bleh
* After School: I really hate the chorus for Bang!, and there is absolutely no reason to keep adding filler members! Lizzy lacks Nana's beauty, UEE's hotness, or Raina's vocal talent. SNSD, 9 members, has 5 fairly strong singers (Taeyeon, Seohyun, Tiffany, Jessica, Sunny). After School, 8 members, has TWO (Jungah, Raina)
* f(x): WHAT THE HELL is that new concept??? their clothes are horrible and the hair is unspeakably atrocious. also, I can stand Amber less and less. she needs to GTFO or start looking like a girl
* SS501: similarly, wtf is this new concept??
* Wonder Girls and BoA are off ruining their careers and America right in their prime...good choices, SM/JYP. good choices

idk, I'm just really not happy with the current state of Kpop affairs. it's boring me to tears slash upsetting me slash just making me really angry and I just don't care anymore.

bottom line: when Big Bang comes back I will be excited. that's about it, though. also...when is SDB coming back? girl's so hot it's unreal

PS: I am still posting fairly consistently on Tumblr...follow me :) myspace hit counter
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Cos I should be your lady

Some kids at my school. I have a massive crush on one of them. Well more like he's a super good dancer and his dancing is attractive. Yeah. That's it. (It's not hard to figure out which one, especially by Rainism...)
Balloons was adorable, omg. Rainism was really good. Mirotic was excellent but they stop right before my favorite move! When Junsu is heading the V formation and doing like this horse-riding business (click to see)

That was for the KASA banquet last year. This year, a slightly different group will be performing ... WEDDING DRESS. YES. YES. YESSSS myspace hit counter