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two Kpop tragedies

two wastes of talent that trouble me GREATLY

IU~her first single was awesome. this girl's vocals are crazy, she was only 15 when Mia was released.
she finally gained some notice with her acoustic covers (a bunch with Thunder who I thought back then was terrible...and even now I do not find him very talented at all lol), but her latest release~Marshmallow makes me want to cry

Marshmallow is a very cute, sugary-sweet, bubblegum song if you're into that kinda thing. It would be perfect for a young singer who is adorable but has a terrible voice. Alas, IU has a great voice and this song is such a travesty to hear her "sing"

Maydoni's voice is even crazier. She's such a powerhouse. First noticed for this Alicia Keys video when she was 14, she flitted from big label to big label and finally debuted under...Nega.

I mean, Molla-ing was a pretty good song in retrospect - I didn't like it at first, but I do now [mv plotline, though, still is and will always be hella weird! lol]. But more importantly, after Molla-ing was released almost a year ago, WTF happened to this girl???

Damn. I will forever maintain that if she had stayed with YG, Kpop would no longer have the mismatched group that is 2NE1, and BOF would not have had a super-old Jandi. Because what would have happened, is that Bom, Dara, and GHS would have formed a trio - close in age, meshing images. Solid. I would have liked that. And then, CL, Minzy, and Maydoni could have made a trio whose awesomeness would make Kpop explode.
[Although I have come to like 2NE1 a lot more than when I made these two posts, my general thoughts are still the same. Dara is adorable but lacks talent, Bom has awesome vocals but her eye PS makes me sad, CL and Minzy just make me feel worthless at life]

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