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01 May 2010 @ 10:03 pm
hey all  
why haven't I posted lately? I'm just so done with Kpop. I'm just not interested anymore. I went from obsessed to disinterested so fast...

I haven't been keeping up with news or anything cos I just don't give a damn anymore. let's run through some of my fave artists...
* DBSK: I don't think I need to elaborate. SADNESS
* Big Bang: it's been way too long since they have done group Korean releases. COME BACK PLEASE YOU ARE KPOP'S LAST HOPE!!! D: but not too fruity...Lollipop pt2 had a god-awful concept!
* 2PM: everything after Again & Again has been pure garbage. Heartbeat was so horrible, and I only watched their comeback MV for don't stop or without you or whatever it's called - that's all I had to do to know our love affair was over. angsty emotion and drama is NOT what made 2PM appealing. it was their fratty silliness and American-ness that made them so endearing and charming. screaming and dripping black oil or pretending to be zombies and murderers - NO. NO. NO. NO. NOOOO
* SHINee: well...it's been downhill since Replay. lol. sad but true. still rooting for these boys, though!
* MBLAQ: have they come back since Oh Yeah/Good luv? kind of interested to see what happens...
* BEAST: the one bright spot! I loved Mystery, I liked Shock moderatey, I loved Say No. good stuff
* SNSD: well, Run Devil Run was pretty weaksauce even though they looked good. and Oh! was cute but also pretty bleh
* After School: I really hate the chorus for Bang!, and there is absolutely no reason to keep adding filler members! Lizzy lacks Nana's beauty, UEE's hotness, or Raina's vocal talent. SNSD, 9 members, has 5 fairly strong singers (Taeyeon, Seohyun, Tiffany, Jessica, Sunny). After School, 8 members, has TWO (Jungah, Raina)
* f(x): WHAT THE HELL is that new concept??? their clothes are horrible and the hair is unspeakably atrocious. also, I can stand Amber less and less. she needs to GTFO or start looking like a girl
* SS501: similarly, wtf is this new concept??
* Wonder Girls and BoA are off ruining their careers and America right in their prime...good choices, SM/JYP. good choices

idk, I'm just really not happy with the current state of Kpop affairs. it's boring me to tears slash upsetting me slash just making me really angry and I just don't care anymore.

bottom line: when Big Bang comes back I will be excited. that's about it, though. also...when is SDB coming back? girl's so hot it's unreal

PS: I am still posting fairly consistently on Tumblr...follow me :) myspace hit counter
goodtimes822: Eunhyuk<3goodtimes822 on May 9th, 2010 03:36 am (UTC)
Everything was better before 2nd half of 2009. XD