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04 November 2009 @ 10:41 am
yeah if I stood next to Taek I would also be entranced by his hotness. luckily, I would never have my distraction caught on national television. woopsy daisy

and lol@ Taek kinda motioning to remind her to bow, then looking kinda smug with himself. you gorgeous little bastard ;-)
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03 November 2009 @ 05:23 pm
Ha. never imagined I'd be saying that :P

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02 November 2009 @ 09:14 pm
as an unabashedly huge fan of Taylor Swift, this video makes me all kinds of happy. I have legitimately watched it four times in a row now. AHHHHH. and I'm kinda hormonal and shiz right now so it makes me weepy

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28 September 2009 @ 07:08 pm
1. BoA's new hair = NOT A FAN. yes in general I prefer long hair, but as far as shorter hair goes, a bob woulda been cuter than this soccer mom look

she shoulda gone for something more like Hebe...

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25 September 2009 @ 06:09 pm
I present you a crazy Twitter bitch/troll. a total fucking disgrace to all Asians and all Americans and just humanity in general. people like this are just so ridiculous in all the wrong ways
I can't say I thought Ye Eun's responses were particularly kickass, but they coulda been worse, I guess

(see her twitter above to even more tweets this crazy biotch has posted to various WG members and others...and she claims she's engaged to someone in the NBA. right. I'm sleeping with Jaejoong, and cheating on him with Kim Bum) myspace hit counter

UPDATE: damn, shoulda taken a screenshot of her craziness before she went and made herself private. bleh
01 September 2009 @ 12:10 pm
UPDATE: oh allkpop, how you play with my emotions...JYP's twitter

I got very, very, very excited about this because I love hearing Jay, Taek, and Khun (esp Jay!) speak in English. Then I got very, very, very sad because they will seriously do better in Korea. oh JYP, why do you do this to your two best groups :( ah well, at least we have their full album to look forward to in the fall before they get shipped off!!

So why do I think they'll be better in Korea? Let's face it - I've said it time and time again (or should I say...AGAIN AND AGAIN hahahhahaha I SO WITTY) - the American concept of manliness/masculinity is so different from Asian. For one thing, pretty much all Asian guys seem pretty flimsy compared to, well, guys of any other ethnicity. lol. Sorry but it's the truth. There are countless cultural reasons that 2PM's Korean appeal, though extremely fresh and unique there, will not translate to American appeal.

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17 August 2009 @ 01:03 pm

1. The Leaders sounds promising, though Gossip Man is totally meh - and his pronunciation truly introduces a new level of engrish: I didn't even realize that there was any, I just thought he was saying "가슴에" (gaseumeh) the whole time
2. silly YG. after Flo Rida accusations started flowing (toldja so!!!!), YG said Heartbreaker was purely original work. wait no, it was a collab. wait no....why don't we wait till the 18th to hear the full. GD could be in deep doodoo!
3. album cover/tracklist. re: tracklist - why would you EVER use Sandara *alone* as a featuring vocalist. WHYYY. (unless there's another sandara out there?). re: the cover and the concept photos: WHY GD, WHY.
4. Brave Brothers! teaser was awesome, MV teaser a bit less so. oh well...D-1!
**I am again 3 days behind on my RSS, so I will update again as necessary ^^

original post 8/11:
I was just thinking about how I was really excited for GD's solo album, because although I'm totally falling out of love with Big Bang (their recent Japanese releases are so...bleh! dbsk's Japanese singles are awesome), and while I didn't really like This Love or his version of Look Only at Me, if he's gonna release a solo *album* you just KNOW it will be freaking fantabulous.

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07 August 2009 @ 01:02 pm
I was watching a bit of Fated to Love You yesterday with my mom, who commented that the lead actor looked kind of like a Korean actor. I was like, "which one?"
"the one in the first korean drama I watched"
"....which one is that?"
"you know, the one with the brother and the sister....."
"you know, they fall in love or something..."
".....no leads, sorry. that describes many kdramas."
"and the girl dies of leukemia!"

HAHAHAH. yeah. no. that didn't add anything XD but due to my highly advanced motherspeak, I figured out she was talking about Autumn Fairytale and Song Seung Heon LOL. the two actors don't really look alike except they both sport really fierce eyebrows haha
Ethan Ruan v. SSH back in the day (man has he gotten better with age :P)

but speaking of incredibly typical characteristics of Asian dramas, I developed a theorem a while back that has yet to be disproven. so I present to you....

Elizabeth's Asian Theorem ~
Any drama/show/movie, etc. containing 2 or more of the following elements simply must be Asian:
1. leukemia
2. amnesia
3. car crash
4. love square (that's right, SQUARE not triangle.)

The fine print: obviously this applies to these events happening in everyday life. Medical dramas do not count. Police dramas do not count. 24 does not count. etc.

Other factors which are very common, but do not fit the theorem: first love, first kiss, bike rides, weird family relations (often outright incest), rich guy gives plain girl makeover and she becomes a WHOABABYHOTMAMA (except she still looks pretty much the same)

Ok so yeah. There is my theorem. If any of you can disprove it successfully (considering the fine print!)...well...you go, glen cocoa! myspace hit counter
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31 July 2009 @ 09:37 am
ewaffles has alerted me to a highly likely *real Siwon* on FACEBOOK. ok I'm kind of obsessed with celebs on Facebook hahahah. I'm friends with Nichkhun's older bro Nichan XD and umm I know Khun has one (I am NOT impressed by his netspeak D:) but he's unfriendable. BAH. his younger sister (the older) one will not accept my request...alas!

anyway. proof of a real Siwon (I quote via Facebook message): "friends with stella kim. the ex girlfriend. and she neverrrr accepts random friends requests so why would she be friends with a fake siwon? and he's also friends with ida simmons aka isak who's legit and also brain joo (fly to the sky). he also rejected my friend's friend request. and why would fakers reject friend requests?" andddd he's friends with James Kyson Lee aka Ando from Heroes (Korean actor though).

hmmm.... myspace hit counter
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25 July 2009 @ 08:42 pm
hi guys! I'm still alive! just super duper busy :) I was thinking if I was gonna start following any more Kdramas after BOF...Partner briefly interested me b/c of Lee Dongwook, but not enough...Shining Inheritance is popular but I'm a bit too late...but zomg DREAM. I am anticipating this like HELL. so excited! son dambi and kim bum ♥ alone are enough, but the whole damn cast is....sigh. may do a more coherent spaz-post if time permits but for now...who else will be tuning in?!

in the meantime, let me just briefly comment on MC Mong's newest single "Indian Boy"
MC Mong is great, but dude. are you SERIOUS. this is so un-PC it's not even funny! from calling them 'Indian' to their portrayal in the MV......if Native Americans ever get wind of this, can any of you Americans even *imagine* the ensuing mayhem?! oh god....

PS: intro to album...hello Pirates! just a little
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